DAISY – Dad, why’s that building called the Black & White?

BEN – It’s the name of a new condo complex that city council just approved.

DAISY – But are only black and white people allowed to live there?

BEN – It’s just a name, silly. How many times have I told you, Daisy? Canada is a multicultural country. People of all colours and ethnic backgrounds are welcome to live here, even at the Black & White.

DAISY – What about homeless people?

BEN – It’s probably a little out of their price range, honey.

DAISY – So the development doesn’t really address the issue of homelessness?

BEN – Not really, no.

DAISY – What about people who want to live and work downtown? Didn’t you tell me during storytime last night that renters are having a hell of a time in the current market.

BEN – Daisy, watch your language! What would Mommy say?

DAISY – But will the rent be affordable at the Black & White?

BEN – The building isn’t really designed for working people.

DAISY – So who’s going to be living there?

BEN – Rich people from Vancouver, more than likely.

DAISY – But why would rich people want to move here from Vancouver?

BEN – Remember I told you about the housing crisis, Daisy? House prices in Vancouver are so high that people are cashing in their chips and relocating to the Island.

DAISY – But what caused prices to get so expensive in Vancouver in the first place?

BEN – You’re so full of questions, Daisy. How about telling me what happened at ballet class today?

DAISY – You know, the ushe. Dad . . .

BEN – What is it, Daisy?

DAISY – Do you think you’re good at your job?

BEN – What sort of question is that, Daisy? You know I love my job as city councillor.

DAISY – But for all the time you’ve been on council have you made any difference whatsoever? Lord knows you’ve talked shit about affordable housing since I was a toddler, but nothing ever seems to change. Each year the cost of housing goes up and each year working people have a harder go of it. Don’t you think it’s about bloody time you faced the real issue?