LISA – Isn’t it fantastic! Now that Sir John A’s statue has been carted off, it won’t be long until we cut all connection with our colonial past.

FRIEND – But isn’t that the very reason tourists come to Victoria?

LISA – What do you mean?

FRIEND – Think about it, Lisa. Craigdarroch Castle, Butchart Gardens, High Tea at the Empress, Old Town, the Ghost Tour. Tourists flock to Victoria exactly because of its history.

LISA – But now they’ll be able to experience a big, multicultural city just like Vancouver.

FRIEND – But if Victoria is just like Vancouver, won’t the city have lost something of its own character?

LISA – Don’t tell me you’re worried about the disappearance of a few antique shops selling cups and saucers with pictures of the royal wedding on them?

FRIEND – But Fort Street used to be my favourite street. Now it’s all bike lanes and burrito joints.

LISA – People have to remember that nothing stays the same forever. What Victoria might lose in charm, it’s sure to gain in density.

FRIEND – I’m not sure that’s quite a fair trade-off, Lisa.

LISA – Whatever.