LISA HOPELESS – So how are my re-election chances looking?

FRIEND – The bad news is your personal approval rating is lower than Kathleen Wynne’s.

LISA HOPELESS – And the good news?

FRIEND – It looks like there will be no credible candidates to run against you.

LISA HOPELESS – I don’t have to worry about Rob Duncan?

FRIEND – You mean Changes the Clown. Get real!

LISA HOPELESS – What about Councillor Bullshit?

FRIEND – There’s no denying he’s itching to become mayor, but ever since you settled the CUPE contract, the Labour Council realizes you’ll do just as well for the union cause as one of their hand-picked flunkies.

LISA HOPELESS – What about the business community?

FRIEND – Someone will probably make a half-assed effort that will fall just short. The usual a little too little a little too late.

LISA HOPELESS – The developers still have my back?

FRIEND – I mean if you want a skyscraper built in downtown Victoria, who you gonna call?

LISA HOPELESS – So what you’re telling me is even though the majority of Victorians might consider me a total nincompoop, I still stand an excellent chance of being re-elected?

FRIEND – This election is going to be so easy, Lisa, it almost takes the fun out of it.