LISA HOPELESS – First up on the agenda, we have a proposal to build a new skateboard park. I’d like everyone to welcome Mickey and Mikey.

MICKEY – Hi, I’m Mickey.

MIKEY – And I’m Mikey.

MICKEY & MIKEY – People can’t tell us apart because we’re TWINS!

MICKEY – I think it would be super cool if we got a skateboard park in our neighbourhood.

MIKEY – Not just super cool. Super cool times a million!

MICKEY – Uncle Jeremy says if we get a skate park, the older boys will act as mentors to us.

MIKEY – Teaching us new tricks.

MICKEY – And expanding our vocabulary.

MIKEY – I can hardly frickin’ wait!

COUNCILLOR LOVEFLAKE – Mr. Coax, I believe you have a surprise for the boys.

MR. COAX – As members of council are well aware, the budget is once again extremely tight this year . . .

LISA HOPELESS – Perhaps because of the two hundred grand the city has to dish out for your so-called expertise.

MR. COAX – Money better spent than the hundred grand taxpayers have to fork out to put up with your nonsense.

COUNCILLOR LOVEFLAKE – The youth of the city are waiting, Mr. Coax . . .

MR. COAX – Let me repeat this was not an easy task council set for staff. Despite exploring various options and getting creative with the accounting, we were still stymied as to how to find the extra cash to get this project off the ground.

LISA HOPELESS – So how did you manage to do it?

MR. COAX – Miss Fraser, the city’s chief financial officer . . .

COUNCILLOR LUSCIOUS – The one who desperately needs a makeover?

MR. COAX – That’s the one. Anyway, Miss Fraser discovered that if the public works department doesn’t water Beacon Hill Park during July and August, we’ll be able to save just enough money to build the new skateboard park.

COUNCILLOR LOVEFLAKE – A new skateboard park. What do you say, boys?


MIKEY – Mom says she’ll be sure to leave the backdoor open if you’re coming over tonight.