FRIEND – The results of the telephone survey have just come in. Are you sure you’re up for this, Lisa?

LISA – I am woman, I am strong.

FRIEND – Okay, here goes. When people were asked to come up with words that best describe your leadership style, the most frequently occurring responses were high-handed and arrogant.

LISA – How dare they!

FRIEND – Respondents said you didn’t handle criticism well and were never willing to admit to being wrong.

LISA – Now you can see why I had to take down my Facebook page!

FRIEND – They said you had a tendency to act first, consult later.

LISA – Consult my ass!

FRIEND – Finally, respondents said that rather than appreciating the unique character of the Victoria, you were attempting to mold the city into some textbook version of a modern metropolis.

LISA – Do you think I read Urban Planning for Dummies for nothing!

FRIEND – So Lisa, is there anything you think your re-election committee can take away from the survey?

LISA – Obviously, it’s possible to skew the results depending on how you ask the questions.

FRIEND – But we didn’t attempt to skew the results.

LISA – Well next time better make sure you do.