DAISY – Dad, why does that sign on the chain-link fence say “Bellewood Park.”

BEN – I’m not sure I’m up for this, Daisy.

DAISY – But is it a park?

BEN – Not exactly.

DAISY – But with a name like Bellewood Park, there must be a lot of trees.

BEN – In planters.

DAISY – So let me get this straight: When the property was owned by the Truth Centre the place was like a park, but now that it’s called Bellewood Park it’s just another condo complex.

BEN – So how were your violin lessons today, Daisy?

DAISY – Same old, same old. Dad . . .

BEN – Yes, Daisy?

DAISY – You didn’t vote in favour of the Bellewood Park development, did you?

BEN – Rest assured, I did not, Daisy.

DAISY – What about Uncle Jeremy?

BEN – I think he was off his meds that day.

DAISY – So what councillors voted for the project?

BEN – Councillor Coalman, Councillor Joe Thornton, Councillor Alternative Reality, Uncle Jeremy, and Councillor Luscious.

DAISY – And what councillors voted against the project?

BEN – Councillor Maddog, of course. But also Councillor Curmudgeon.

DAISY – I thought you and Councillor Curmudgeon never agree on anything?

BEN – Occasionally miracles do happen.

DAISY – What about the mayor?

BEN – Come on, Daisy. Even a kid in middle school’s gotta know she’s as thick as thieves with developers.

DAISY – Do you think it would be helpful in the upcoming election if someone published the voting record of the mayor and each of the councillors?

BEN – That’s an excellent idea, Daisy. With a mind like yours, it won’t be long until you’re a city councillor yourself.

DAISY – At the rate you guys are screwing up, I don’t know if I’ll even recognize Victoria, let alone be afford to live here, when I grow up.