LISA – My flight for Pyongyang leaves tomorrow at nine am.

FRIEND – But why are you going to North Korea, Lisa?

LISA – The Family has decided to remove another statue.

FRIEND – Who is it this time?

LISA – Kim Il-sung.

FRIEND – Wasn’t he the founding father of North Korea?

LISA – But the list of atrocities he committed is almost as long as Sir John A. Macdonald’s rap sheet.

FRIEND – That may be true, Lisa. But you must remember that other countries don’t necessarily share our progressive values. Look at the recent trouble Justin has had with Saudi Arabia and the Philippines.

LISA – Whether it’s at home or abroad, Canada needs to continue its distinguished record of sticking its nose in where it doesn’t belong.

FRIEND – Have you run your plans to remove the statue past Kim Jung-un?

LISA – We thought we’d spring the idea on him last minute.

FRIEND – That might work for the people of Victoria, but I’m not sure he’ll be quite so forgiving. We are talking about his grandfather, after all.

LISA – Whatever.

FRIEND – I’m worried about you, Lisa. Are you sure you’ve thought this through?

LISA – I should be back in Victoria just in time for the election.

FRIEND – And if you’re not?

LISA – It probably means The Supreme Leader has invited me to stay over to help him with the installation of the new bike lanes.

FRIEND – But I thought you were The Supreme Leader?

LISA – Only in Victoria!